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Sales and marketing are the only things that will truly drive your business to the next level. See how several marketing companies across the country are getting things done over and over again and how YOU can replicate their processes.

SEO in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia Internet MarketingThere’s one SEO company that thrives on the simplistic nature of the psychology of consumer behavior. Most sales are done because a person can see the value in what you are selling them and they like you. The company’s name that we’ll be referring to in this brief is Force Boost, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is very good at keeping things simple and only focusing on those two things. They focus on making the client number one and not overcharging and outsourcing the work.

You see, what most search engine optimization companies do is quote a very high figure to a company that does a lot of sales. Of course, they’ll win some and they’ll lose some – in terms of quotes and proposals. But the most interesting thing to note is that most of these companies don’t even do the actual work themselves. They outsource most of it to the people who list their services on internet marketing forums. While this may help the individual company’s profit margins, it victimizes the clients in the process.

A Review of Force Boost: The Leading Atlanta SEO Company

I’ve personally spoken to Tom Peck, the founder of Force Boost in Atlanta, Georgia. I asked him a lot of tough questions and although a lot of these were just leading to the bigger question of outsourcing, he answered them confidently and explained a lot of the concepts in plain English for me. He didn’t horde any information and wasn’t timid when I came out with my big question.

Tom stated that his Atlanta SEO company focuses on very few companies at once so that he can handle all of the work himself. Can you believe that? He doesn’t even have a staff that carries out any of the tedious work like social media management, keyword research, or on-page website optimization. He literally does it all from his laptop. He handles all of the billing, customer service, proposals and quotes, etc. He states that by doing all of the work himself, he can offer the best SEO services available in the entire Atlanta area while keeping his costs low. He then passes those savings on to his clients.

For more information on Tom’s company, here is the info:

Force Boost
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW #20, Atlanta, GA 30318
470-209-8754 – Seattle, WA

Founded by Rand Fishkin and his mother, has quickly become the “go-to” in the world of whitehat SEO. Through a few stages of funding and development, this corporation now leads the industry of internet marketing with their “whiteboard friday” videos.

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