Sales and Marketing Tips for Businesses

Sales and marketing are the only things that will truly drive your business to the next level. See how several marketing companies across the country are getting things done over and over again and how YOU can replicate their processes.

Veritas Inc – Atlanta, GA

veritas inc atlantaThis company thrives on the simplistic nature of the psychology of consumer behavior. Most sales are done because a person can see the value in what you are selling them and they like you. Veritas is very good at keeping things simple and only focusing on those two things. They train entry level sales and marketing professionals to go out and talk to customers on behalf of larger Fortune 500 companies that hire them. When a person gets good at the entry level sales, they move on to become a corporate trainer within the company. See how Veritas Inc Atlanta does this on Alternatively, you can read their Veritas Inc review blog. They go over how to do it in a lot of depth over there.

Getting your business from one place to another can be very frustrating. A few things that Veritas does really well, is hiring the right person from the beginning, and training them in a very simplistic fashion. So, you should do the same. For more information on sales training from this corporation, visit Veritas on

Strategic Campaigns Inc – Kansas City, MO

Another company that’s doing some really great things right now is Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City. This marketing and sales company is really good at recruiting. The head human resources coordinator originally started in the entry level sales and marketing position herself, so she knows exactly what the company is looking for and who will be a great fit. To see how this corporation achieves high marks in recruiting for the entry level sales job, visit Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City on their YouTube channel. – Seattle, WA

Founded by Rand Fishkin and his mother, has quickly become the “go-to” in the world of whitehat SEO. Through a few stages of funding and development, this corporation now leads the industry of internet marketing with their “whiteboard friday” videos.

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